Pskov is truly one of the best locations in Russia:

  • One of the most ancient cities in Russia (we are more than 1100 years old!) with more than 100 white walled churches, fortress walls, monasteries and monuments dating back to the 12th century. Russia started from here! (Please check Wikipedia for more information about Pskov).
  • Standard Russian is spoken here with no specific accent or idiosyncracies (exactly the same as in Moscow and Saint Petersburg)
  • Easy logistics: we are in northwest Russia on the border with European Union, bordering on Latvia and Estonia (50 km away from Estonia) so you can book a LOW COST flight to Riga or Tallinn and take a cheap mini bus from there to Pskov
  • Living costs in Pskov are noticeably lower than Moscow or Saint Petersburg
  • Pskov is clean, green, cozy and non-industrial with favorable weather conditions and no hustle and bustle of big cities
  • We are relatively close to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, therefore it is easy to visit our both capitals from here (one or two day trips can be organized on demand).
  • Pskov is so beautiful that it’s difficult to find a better place in Russia! (Just in case you doubt this, please have a look at some unbiased photos on Tripadvisor).